The Survival Crisis

Ex-Military Survival Expert Reveals The Shocking Secret
Of Those Who Will Survive and Those Who Won’t

Dear fellow American,

What I’m about to tell you next is life or death information.

If you too are feeling scared or confused…

Or if you feel that there’s no hope left...

Then this presentation will shed light on what's REALLY HAPPENING right now and what YOU MUST DO NEXT!

And if you value your life…

The life of your children and the safety of your family…

If you care about everything that’s dear to you…

And want to protect yourself from losing all that you’ve worked for so hard...

You'll stop everything you're doing now and watch the following presentation until the very end…

The life of your children and the safety of your family…

If you care about everything that’s dear to you…

And want to protect yourself from losing all that you’ve worked for so hard...

You'll stop everything you're doing now and watch the following presentation until the very end…

Because, in the next couple of minutes…

You will be given FOR FREE the SECRET that will save the lives of your dear ones, no matter how hard things will get! It’s the ONE THING that makes the difference between who will get to live… and who won’t.

The ONE THING THAT will enable you to withstand and live a normal life inside the safety of your home for as long as it takes!

Dear fellow American,
If you are watching this, you still have time to prepare.

Because, despite what you may think, not everything is lost!

In fact, I’m willing to guarantee that if you stick with me for the next 5 minutes...

You will go to sleep tonight filled with an overwhelming feeling of confidence and peace of mind...

As you’ll finally know that even during the most terrifying collapse or disaster…

No matter how long it will take or how desperate the situation will be for others...

You will have plenty of food, water, medicine, a warm shelter and everything else you need to bulletproof yourself and your loved ones from thirst, starvation, infections and any other unforeseeable threat…

The SIMPLE SOLUTION that I’m about to share with you will never run out

and it’s A MILLION TIMES better than just a simple face mask, hand sanitizer or bottle of Tylenol! And best of all, it does not require you to start building any atomic bunker or to spend your hard earned money on expensive survival kits!

This ONE SOLUTION will allow you to be  truly safe and to be able to get through ANYTHING with the piece of mind that everything that you care for - your family, your house, your pets, even your car or your boat… will be still there long after the crisis will pass!

I promise you that in the next 5 minutes you will get all the knowledge you need to make it through any pandemic, crisis or state of emergency!

YOU WILL NOT be another empty statistic…

YOU WILL NOT watch your loved ones die one by one.Instead, you will be FULLY PREPARED AND EQUIPPED with a skill set not many Americans have...Something so valuable that will allow you and your family to be the survivors who will thrive long after the crisis is gone!

Who am I to make such a huge promise?

My name is Frank Marshall, and for the past 27 years I’ve saved the lives of thousands of hard working, regular Americans just like you, as a proud member of the US Army Humanitarian Relief Forces.

Currently, I live in a small, quiet town in northern Montana, together with my wife and 2 beautiful daughters. But, whenever a disaster hit, I always packed my bags, kissed my family goodbye, not knowing if I was going to see them again, and rushed to provide much needed help to folks in danger, as the leader of the frontline emergency response team.Wherever a crisis situation appeared, I had to be there: I got called in the middle of the night in 2007 and went to California to help stop the spreading of one of the worst wildfires in history, which caused the evacuation of over one million people. I cannot even begin to describe what horrors I’ve seen there…

But at the same time I still get postcards every year from those who we saved from certain death...  And in 2017, when Hurricane Irma caused widespread damage in Florida, knocking out the power to 7.7 million homes and businesses, I was there, setting up tents and providing food, medicine and comfort to folks who, in just a couple of hours have lost everything they worked for their entire lives.

I’ve been called to snowstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes all across the US and abroad.

I’ve rescued children, old folks and even pet companions from beneath the rubble in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake in 2010, when, God bless their souls, more than 150,000 people died.  

But even after such a long and often very dangerous career, I couldn’t stay away from helping people and keep saving lives.

That’s why, after I retired, I’ve become a certified survival and disaster expert.

I have spent my entire adult life in battle and my experience with disaster is actually good news for you.

You see, between 2002 and 2004, I volunteered to go to southern China and got first hand experience on the measures taken to stop the deadly outbreak of SARS, which killed almost 1 in every 10 people infected by the virus.

Little did I know back then that a new epidemic, this time 20 times more dangerous, will catch me again in China in 2019, right in its epicenter.

Yes, I was in the Wuhan province when the new virus pandemic started, where I witnessed first-hand the panic in the streets, the empty stores, the people collapsing on the sidewalks, the army patrolling day and night and the countless body bags of those poor souls killed by this new, deadly virus…

A virus which eventually spread all across the world, including in our beloved country.  

As you can see, during all my long years of helping countless people survive some of the worst disasters humanity has witnessed…

I’ve acquired a new set of skills that I want to share with you today…

Whether it was a hurricane, an earthquake or a viral pandemic which spread like wildfire…

I was in the unique position to see FIRST HAND what the people who survive did. How they stayed prepared and completely avoided any danger.

How, no matter what happened, they continued to have food, water, medicine, a warm shelter and most importantly, managed to keep safe and sound their entire families…Sometimes with absolutely no support from the government even for weeks on end! But at the same time, I understood exactly what could happen to those who were not prepared for such situations.

And in the next couple of minutes I’ll reveal to you EXACTLY what is the “secret” of all those who survived.

But before I do, I hope you don't mind if I tell you why I care so DEEPLY about helping you get prepared in the case the world as we know will end and how you can protect your family the way the government won’t do.

You see, for me it is personal…

Back in March 2019, I just got a call from my 78 years old father-in-law:

Frank,” he said, “I think Mary is dying! She just had an asthma attack and I don’t know what to do anymore!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!Mary, my wife’s mother, was like a second mother to me.

She always cared for me as if I was her son. It was in the early days of the  new respiratory virus pandemic. The president just declared state of emergency and most of the flights got canceled. My grandparents-in-law were living in California, more than 1,000 miles away.

So I immediately jumped in the car and drove straight to them like mad.When I reached their place, the phone lines were not working, their car broke down, the electricity generator was long gone and the house was cold and dark. There was little to no food left in their pantry and all their medicine was almost gone!

Fortunately for Mary, she got in time at the hospital and the doctors saved her life…

After this event, which could have turned into a real devastating tragedy, I got my parents-in-law with me, and they are now living together with my family, where we are all safe.Unfortunately, many of my other friends, good folks and relatives were not that lucky, as the pandemic spread...

The  new flu virus pandemic  got them because they weren’t prepared.

You see, according to a recent survey done by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, nearly 48% of Americans are unprepared for disaster.

Are you one of them?

While you might think you can get by with the resources in your local area, this is not always the case.

In the event of a natural, civil, economic, or manmade disaster, the utilities and other services you take for granted may instantly become unavailable – leaving you to fend for yourself.

If you’re not prepared ahead of time, you may not be doing all you can for yourself and for your family.

Thankfully, preparing for the unexpected is easier and cheaper than you think!

But you need to start now!

I mean...look what’s happening around you!

Even though you might not want to think about the „what if‟ possibilities in life, the more you can consider what’s possible, the more you can prepare for what is fairly unlikely.

And there’s a pretty long list of bad things which could happen:

  • Natural Disasters: like tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunami, wildfires, blizzards, ice storms, drought, floods, etc.
  • Health Disasters: like the flu or any new virus pandemic, disease outbreak, or any other fatal epidemics.
  • Manmade, Civil or Economic Disasters: such as  terrorist attacks, war, nuclear meltdown, cyber attacks, blackouts, riots, and so on.

When a disaster takes place, well, usually the unimaginable will happen:

  • You don’t have basic utilities – such as water or electricity, leaving you unable to cook your food, wash yourself or, if it’s winter time, no electricity will put you in danger of freezing inside your own home.
  • You can’t go to the store – the stores are closed, empty, or being looted. And without provisions, your home stockpile of food will become sparse and soon you will face starvation.
  • And, in case of an earthquake major flooding or martial law, you won’t be able to drive anywhere to get help – the streets will be closed or unprotected, or your car will be out of gas, and no gas station will be open.

You get the idea.

Everything will begin to crumble like a stack of cards and the world that you knew today will not be totally different from the devastated world of tomorrow.

And while many power outages and other disruptions in your everyday services might be uncomfortable, they could be very well last for weeks or months.. Or even years! So you gotta have a “plan B”. But what will you do if there is no plan B and you don’t have a clear idea about when you might get your services back?

This is a bit of a reality check for most families.

While you may want to do anything you can for your family, you might not have the supplies or the plan in place to ensure the health and safety of everyone that lives in your home.

Today, I want to help you figure out how to start planning and start preparing for the unthinkable.

If you’re feeling badly about not being prepared, you’re not alone.And most importantly - it’s not your fault, as you’ve been always lulled by the government or the media into a false sense of security that “everything will be fine”, as if by magic!

Now, just because you’re not the only one who is unprepared, doesn’t mean that you can count on someone else to help you out...

But since you’re probably one of many who may be still unprepared, then you need to focus more on getting yourself prepared, or else you might end up not getting any help – as when disaster strikes, pretty much everyone’s on their own.

So, what can you do about it? Well... today… things are finally about to change.

I don’t want you to go through what my grandparents in law had to go through…I don’t want you to be left alone with no food, water, medicine or shelter. I don’t want you to be afraid.

Instead, I want you to be FULLY PREPARED AND EQUIPPED with a skill set not many Americans have.I want you to be truly safe and to be able to get through ANYTHING with the piece of mind that everything that you care for - your family, your house, your pets, even your car or your boat… will be still there long after the crisis will pass!

That’s why I’ve gathered all my 27 years worth of survival knowledge…

Everything I’ve learned first hand about coping with disaster from those who actually survived hurricanes, earthquakes and virus pandemics…

All the do’s and don’ts coming from military professionals…

And put them into a series of easy to follow and ready to implement survival guides that anyone can use immediately in order to secure themselves and their loved ones.  

And I've called this...

The Ultimate Survival Guide Pack

The only survival guide which will melt fear and doubt from your  heart and give you the absolute power to make it through any virus, flu or pandemic crisis and really any other crisis as well.

But before I reveal exactly what you're going to get in The Ultimate Survival Guide Pack, let's take a look at what Ron from Texas had to say:

“Frank, this guide is incredible! My wife and I got it yesterday. We couldn't put it down.

We finished the whole thing in one day and had no idea how unprepared we were and that scared us to death, but then as I got further on in your guides, the fear started to melt away.

Just like you said, I just took those simple steps you suggested; now I don't worry about the pandemic at all.”


Here’s another one from Henry J, from Indiana:

“Frank, I was a complete fool!

For so many months I listened only to people who had no idea what they were saying!

I thought I was prepared, but everyday I’d find out that there was still something missing, that there was one more thing that I didn’t think of.

I didn’t know what to do anymore.

Then, I got your guides!

It was like a miracle: Now, I can finally say that I am fully prepared - I’ve gone from no survival skills whatsoever, to fully expert survivalist in no time!

Finally, I am sure that whatever will come, I will be among the survivors!”

Henry J

And that's just a few of the hundreds of emails I get every day.

Okay, so let me tell you what exactly you’re going to get in Ultimate Survival Guide Pack?

First of all, I’ve devised an Essential Survival Guide Pack , comprised out of 3 parts:First, you’ll get the Short Term Survival Guide.

In survival, there’s a basic rule of 3’s, which says you can live without:

  • Air for 3 minutes
  • Water for 3 days
  • Food for 3 weeks

Many survival experts also say that you can live without critical thinking for about three seconds.

This means that if you don’t have something readily available, panic might set in and in just three seconds, you could lose your life.

Live by the rule of 3’s, and you’ll be the one that makes it through the survival situation, without too much discomfort.

The worst case scenario faced by those who play it by the ear is that soon, the provisions and stocks they’ve made eventually will run out quicker than anticipated. In such a situation, without any way or means to restock your supplies, your survival rate drops like a rock in the single digit range. Leaving the safety of your home to forage for any resources that you may find, facing possibly contaminated areas, looters or any other unknown dangers is a scenario that anyone MUST ABSOLUTELY AVOID.

So, just as in any new situation, the more planning you do now, the less worrying and the less stress you will have during an actual emergency or disaster.

With the Short Term Survival Guide you’ll learn everything you need to know to survive from the very beginning:

Short Term Survival Guide

The product is a digital download, image is for visualization only.

From how to prepare your own 72-hours survival kit with water, food, shelter, medicine, warmth, lightning, power sources, fuel and tools…

To how to secure transportation or how to communicate with others if the telephone lines stop working…

PLUS - you’ll master essential first aid skills and best of all - how to prepare and plan for unknown threats during crisis escalation. But that's not even the best part.The second part of the Essential Survival Guide Pack deals with how to prepare for a Full home lock down. In case of pandemics, like the new flu pandemic for example one, governments urge people to stay inside.

This is the common sense thing to do. But if you’re not FULLY PREPARED, soon, your home may turn into a deadly prison.

In this report, you’ll master the ultimate tactics for defending your home in case you’ll need to quarantine and isolate yourself for long periods.

Please, take a second and think about this:

Is your home ready to support you through a major crisis?

Preparing for the end of the world as we know it has become an increasing concern for many people.

The Full Home Lock Down is a guide for people who have already started preparing for the worst case scenario, but want to go a bit further with home protection.

Full Home Lock Down

The product is a digital download, image is for visualization only.

Your home may be protected from a one-time burglary, break-in or a minor natural disaster.

But is your home also ready to sustain you and your family, and protect everything you have if things don’t go back to “normal?”

This is an advanced book to help turn your home into a well-protected fortress that can sustain itself for weeks, months or even years.

With the Full Home Lock Down guide, you’ll find all the Home Defense tactics before the end of the world as we know it: how to secure your perimeter, how to enforce your doors and windows and most importantly, how to keep any possible invaders and looters at bay.

In such times, relying on your home security team is not an option. You’ll also get military-level expert advice on advanced home defense techniques, and the best practices to use when it comes to weapons and and firearms, ammunition, how to create your own non-lethal weapons, how to improvise quick, inexpensive but highly effective defense mechanisms and, of course, how to craft your own body armor.As an added bonus, after consulting with commando troops experts, I’ve included even more essential information in this guide - such as how to utilize The 4 Essential Layers of Personal Defense and advanced food, water and medicine prepping techniques.

The information contained in this guide is explained in a simple manner, yet is highly effective and, best of all - it comes from real professionals.

Will the crisis last 1 week? 1 month? 1 year?

With the Full Home Lock Down guide you will be fully prepared to withstand and live a normal life inside the safety of your home for as long as it takes. Last, but not least, with the Essential Survival Guide Pack, you’ll find out something which 99% of people out there have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how to prepare for.

I’m talking about the Commerce Survival Guide - which reveals how to buy things when money is worthless! You see...

Commerce Survival Guide

The product is a digital download, image is for visualization only.

In the aftermath of an "end of the world as we know it" event, the financial system will come to a grinding halt.

The dollar will be worthless and credit cards won't work anymore because our current banking structure will be extinct.

To obtain the things you need to survive you will be forced to barter and trade.

This means it is vital that you have something worthwhile to trade before the proverbial shit hits the fan.

Those without anything to trade will go hungry and homeless while those with an ability to self-generate tradable items will prosper greatly.

In this guide, we're going to dive into the categories of items that will be in high demand after a crisis so you can build a stockpile that will serve as your "money" in the new financial system.

As a matter of fact, you're going to learn what are the 100 items that will be in high demand!

Don't worry, you don't need everything on the list.

In fact, all you’ll need is just a quality supply of just one "in-demand" item to ensure you have the ability to trade for what you and your family will need.And you’ll get to learn exactly what that single item is in the Commerce Survival Guide, which you can get in just a minute from now.

Finally, in this report you're also  going to learn the essential skill sets that will be sought after in this new economy.

The people who have these skill sets will be able to write their own checks as they'll have an unlimited ability to barter.

With the information presented in these 3 guides which make up the Essential Survival Guide Pack I am most confident  any pandemic or any other natural or man-made disaster situation will be something you not only don't worry about, but it'll also be something you barely think about no matter how much the media is fear-mongering it.

I mean, it really is that simple.

And you can get access to everything in the next 90 seconds.

Now, I know you're anxious to get started, but I also know some of you are waiting to hear what it's going to cost.

Well, let me ask you, what is one life worth?



Can you really put a price tag on life or on your safety and well-being of your loved ones?

Try to put a number on that.

You can't. It's priceless.

What is YOUR peace of mind worth?

Can you really put a number on that? I don’t think so.

Whatever figure you have in mind, you know as well as I do that taking action today and investing in the future health, safety and well-being of your loved ones will be one of the best investments you could ever make.

Aside from saving you from any imaginable disaster situation, the Essential Survival Guide Pack gives you peace of mind that no matter what, you’ll be able to take care of you, of your family and of everything you love dear.They won’t be looking for heroes anywhere, because YOU’LL BE THEIR HERO, THEIR PROVIDER, THEIR SAVIOUR. So if you click on the buy button below right now, you can pick up the complete Essential Survival Guide Pack for the small investment that you see below.

That's it.

It's a one-time payment and you get everything you need TODAY.

Just click the buy button below and fill out the quick and easy form on the next page.It’s that simple.


  • The Essential Survival Guide


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  • The Essential Survival Guide
  • Food Survival Guide
  • Ultimate Personal Defense
  • Firearms Survival Guide


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This isn't about just getting a survival guide; this is about your life and the life of your loved ones we're talking about. And if there was one simple way to protect all that you hold dear …

Would you say NO to it?

If you're a little skeptical that this can work for you, I completely understand.

I mean, after all, you've been lied to and manipulated for your entire life believing that nothing bad will happen and that the authorities will take care of you.But look around you.

Where were the authorities in the aftermath of Katrina? Or after 9/11?

Do you really think somebody will come for you when 90% of the population will be infected with a killing virus? Please, don’t lie to yourself.

And most importantly - don’t rely on others to help you.

When disaster strikes is everyone for himself, and you know that.

You're going to be glad you took this important step to prepare yourself,  because if it's not a new virus, it'll be something else, whether it's SARS, MERS, an attack from ISIS, an earthquake, a tornado or God know what.

There will always be threats.

And what you take for granted today…May be truly gone tomorrow. Can you really take the chance of risking it all for nothing? Is life really like a game of Russian roulette for you?

So here's what I'm going to do, to prove to you that these survival guides are really the best investment you could make when it comes to your safety and peace of mind and you have absolutely nothing to worry about, I'm going to give you a 60-day, risk-free money back guarantee.

If these guides don’t make you 100% satisfied for what you paid…

If it isn't everything I've promised you or more

Or if you simply change your mind for any reason at all, then all you have to do is email me at the address provided in the member's area, and I will refund your entire investment with no questions asked, and no hard feelings.

Plus, if you do decide that is just not for you, I'll even let you keep the entire program just to say thanks for giving it a try.

I mean I can't be fairer than that, right?

But a risk free guarantee isn't all that you'll be getting.

Because I’m going to sweeten the deal even more!

I know some folks may still not be able to invest this amount…

Especially in this time of need and I will be doing you a disservice if you didn't try the program and take advantage of all the life-saving information it contains.

So I'm going to sweeten the deal even more.

Order today and you will also receive the FAST ACTION BONUS SURVIVAL GUIDES, normally worth $47 each.  

The first Bonus you’ll receive is the Medical Survival Guide and with it, you’ll learn exactly what to do when hospitals are closed.

And trust me, this is something that may very well happen sooner or later if the system collapses. No matter if you face a long- or short-term crisis situation, there's a good likelihood that you will have to face a medical emergency.

Common health problems such as diarrhea, broken bones and fevers may quickly become life threatening because your access to medical professionals and prescription drugs may be drastically limited.

Medical Survival Guide

The product is a digital download, image is for visualization only.

In this guide, you're going to learn how to keep yourself and your family as healthy as possible during ANY crisis.

You're also going to learn life saving steps to handle common medical emergencies you're most likely to encounter.

And finally we're going to discuss your first aid kit and prescription drug planning.

We'll discuss how to stockpile a 60-day supply of prescription drugs and how to look to nature to solve your medical problems when pharmacies are no longer an option.

The Medical Survival Guide is guaranteed to save your life or the life of a loved one.

The Second Bonus you’ll receive is the Water Crisis Survival Guide.

And inside, you’ll discover the best ways to ensure that your family has all the water it needs to survive. Apart from shelter, water is perhaps the most essential item that you would normally require in a survival situation.

Water Crisis Survival Guide

The product is a digital download, image is for visualization only.

Under usual circumstances, depending upon the ambient temperature and level of activity, a person can survive up to 3 days without water.

Anything above 3 days, and your survival chances will become absolutely thin due to the combined effect of dehydration and malnutrition.

Water is a basic necessity of all living beings.

And when it comes to health and survival, water is much more important than food.

Without adequate intake of water, your kidneys stop functioning properly and the brain faces concentration and memory problems, which are critical in taking the best decisions for your survival.

The Water Crisis Survival Guide will show you why you need to save water and how much water is enough for your disaster preparation.

You will also find out the best ways to store water, how to quickly deal with water storage problems and how to avoid dangerous waterborne diseases, such as cholera, diarrhea, or hepatitis A.

Moreover, this guide will teach you the best practices to purify your water - including boiling, filtration, reverse osmosis, distillation and even ultraviolet treatment techniques. Remember - if you have a steady source of water, your survival chances are above 80% of those the rest of the population has.

But wait!

I know there’s no such thing as being over prepared when it comes to ensuring your safety and health during times of need!

That’s why I’ve set up something truly special:

If you act right away, and complete your order in the next 5 minutes…

I’m going to give you, for a unique one time offer…

The Ultimate Survival Guide Pack - the all-in-one kit to be 200% sure that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, you will be 10 steps ahead of any danger.

So, besides the Essential Survival Guide Pack and the 2 Fast Action Bonus Survival Guides, you will also receive the following  3 exclusive bonuses and benefits:

The first one is called “The Ultimate Food Survival Guide”, and normally has a retail value of $97!

Long, empty spaces of bare metal or wood… it’s an unusual sight in a Supermarket and likely you’ve only ever seen it happen once or twice.

What causes huge multinational companies like supermarkets to run out of food for people to buy?

The answer is panic.

In the event of an unforeseen event occurring, human response is to prepare for the unknown future as best we know how.

When food distribution services, transportation or communication lines are threatened, people grab whatever they can in an attempt to ensure the safety of their house, their belongings and most importantly their family.

Less than 15% of Americans have the necessary resources in their house for the survival of their family in the event of a catastrophic event.

This puts a whooping 85% of the population in dire straits in the event of a sudden catastrophe.

Suddenly, the likelihood the supermarket shelves will soon be filled again with food is non-existent.

Your odds of securing the basic things you and your family need to thrive in an emergency could drop to almost nil.

Knowing EXACTLY  what to stock in such situations makes the difference between life and death.

The “Ultimate Food Survival Guide” will reveal the 36 essential foods to get before a crisis breaks, what are the first items that will disappear from the shelves and how to prepare for that situation, what liquids you should stock, the best food and grocery items that you must have in your pantry, what hygiene products you must get and a complete list of household and medicinal items that are crucial for you in case of a long-term crisis situation. With the Ultimate Food Survival Guide there will be no more guesswork.

Ultimate Food Survival Guide

The product is a digital download, image is for visualization only.

You’ll know exactly what clothing pieces you should get, what are the best weapons of protection, cooking equipment and even what essential gardening tools, seeds and supplies you should stock.

The best thing about the “Ultimate Food Survival Guide” is that you’ll also learn exactly how much food you should buy and how to stockpile on a budget.

With this guide, you will learn how to store your purchases correctly and how to give your items the longest shelf life.

This guide is an absolute must for long-term survival planning.  

The second guide from the Ultimate Survival Guide Pack is called “Ultimate Personal Defense Secrets”,has a normal retail value of $67 and it is absolutely essential if you want to defend yourself from any attacker, no matter how good of a fighter you are!

Ultimate Personal Defense Secrets

The product is a digital download, image is for visualization only.

Suppose as you are walking home from work one night, a figure leaps from a dark alley and twins your arm behind your back. He threatens you. What do you do?

Suppose you're walking with a female companion and she is insulted by a tough-looking hood. The roughneck is about 6 feet 4 inches tall and uses profanity that would make even a tough Marine sergeant blush! What do you do?

Your answer might be "that's never happened to me!” or “Anyway, that's what we have police for".

But remember: an assailant or a thief never attacks when the law is around. Only when he thinks you are alone, unarmed, will he strike. To take your food, your supplies, your medicine and everything else valuable!

And when disaster strikes, all the rule of law will fall to a crumble.

There will be nobody there to protect you and your loved ones except for yourself!

Inside this handy guide you will:

  • Learn how to bring down any attacker in seconds, using only your bare hands.
  • Find out what NEVER to do when faced with an ARMED attacker.
  • See why you should never use your fist in combat -– and how just tapping one tiny pressure point will hospitalize any assailant.
  • And many more...

ANYONE, and I really mean ANYONE can quickly learn and immediately use these self-defense techniques no matter how young or old, and you’ll see exactly how to do this inside the Ultimate Personal Defense Secrets.

Last, but not least, the third guide from the Ultimate Survival Guide Pack is called “Ultimate Firearms Survival Guide”  and has a normal retail value of $67.

Ultimate Firearms Survival Guide

The product is a digital download, image is for visualization only.

Maximizing your chances of survival during a crisis are absolutely essential.

And expert knowledge of firearms is critical.

A weapon is a fantastic deterrent and a companion you can always trust.  In this guide you will learn everything you need to fully operate a weapon, how to deal with ammo shortage, how to hide your guns and ammo, why owning a gun is more important than ever and  even how to build your own survival rifle!

When time comes, with this guide, you’ll know that you have done the right thing by preparing ahead!

So, just to quickly recap:

For the small, one-time-only investment that you see below, if you choose right now the Ultimate Survival Guide Pack, you will get instant access to everything that you’ll need to fully prepare for a pandemic, natural disaster or complete collapse of society: the Food Survival Guide, the Personal Defense Secrets protocol, the Firearms Survival Guide, as well as your 2 essential Fast Action Bonuses: the Medical and the Water Crisis Survival Guides.

That's over $400 of life-saving actionable information for the cost of one meal out at an average restaurant!

I mean it's nothing, yet, with all that knowledge, you’ll be able to act like an expert survivalist in case of any dangerous survival scenario that might happen.

And don't forget your order is fully protected by my 60-day money back guarantee which means there is absolutely no risk on your part at all.

Of course, you can always choose the Essential Survival Guide Pack.

Some people do so.

But again, I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss on all the great benefits you will receive practically for free & at no extra risk if you act now and go for the exclusive Ultimate Survival Guide Pack.


  • The Essential Survival Guide


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  • The Essential Survival Guide
  • Food Survival Guide
  • Ultimate Personal Defense
  • Firearms Survival Guide


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I'm sure you will thank yourself later for doing the right thing…

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So right now, you have 2 options:

Option 1:

This video will be over in just a few seconds, and you could just leave the site and go on with your day.

Obviously that choice is yours, and it’s not something I can make for you…

But before you leave, think about what will happen a week, month, or year from now when the unimaginable happens and disaster strikes…

Will your family be truly food independent…?

Will any emergency stockpile you have be safely hidden from government agencies or looters…? Will you have enough clean drinking water to survive for several weeks or longer?

And if the answer is no…or even if you’re not sure…wouldn’t you regret not taking this one simple action today…and trying out the Ultimate Survival Guide Pack completely risk free?

Do you really want to play fast and lose with something as important as your life and your family's safety for the sake of a few dollars?

Do you really want to run the risk to get infected with a deadly virus that has killed THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS SO FAR?

... all just because you didn’t prepare and have the necessary medicine at hand?


Let me ask you again— do you really want to sit there and do nothing and continue to watch everybody prepare with food, water, provision and everything else they need to survive a disaster even for 2 or 3 years?

What will you do when food runs out?

How will you defend your family?

How will you tell your partner that you don’t know how to save his or her life?

Could you bare looking in the eye your loved ones as they starve to death or suffer because they have no more medicine left?

This is a frightening reality facing more and more Americans right now who don’t take 5 minutes to prepare and plan ahead  and there's a high chance that it could become your reality too, if you decide just to carry on as you are.

Or, there's Option 2: and let's face it, really it's the ONLY OPTION you have.If you`ve watched this far into this video, you probably know that being prepared is not something that you should take lightly…

Yet, once you know how to do it, everything becomes much, much simpler.

How much is it worth to you to know that no matter what happens in the coming weeks, months, or years… whether it’s a new type of virus that your body is not prepared to handle, a natural disaster that floods bacteria into the drinking water…or an EMP that wipes out the grid…or even a collapse in the U.S. Food system…

You and your family will have stuffed stomachs full of nutritious food at all times…even as those around you go hungry…

And even as outside your home your neighbors begin attacking neighbors for just one clean glass of water.

And I bet you can imagine how it's going to feel next time a  hurricane or a tornado comes rolling through your town, blowing over trees and knocking down power lines… to know that you and your family will be sitting warm and safe and happy while everybody else is huddling around candles and shivering through the night.

Right now, I'm giving you the chance to not only protect you and everything you love against practically everything bad that could happen, but also do this without panic, stress and without overcomplicating things.

Listen, when it comes right down to it, this isn't about “saving a couple bucks” or saying “ah, I know better, I don’t need anybody to tell me how to prepare”...

It’s about protecting your wealth, your belongings and all your hard work.

It's about taking care of you and your family.

For me, there's no better feeling in the world than knowing that no matter what happens… no matter what kind of storm hits, or what kind of “Disaster” takes out the power grid… my wife and my two little daughters are going to be safe and warm and protected.

That's why I`m so passionate about getting this simple system into your hands today… so you can finally know what it feels like to be in CONTROL… to always come home to a bright, cheery and warm house and to keep the lights on, no matter how dark it might get.

To put food on the table when everybody else is starving.

To have medicine ready when no ambulance or doctor will be in sight.

I can tell you from experience… it's a pretty great feeling to be able to do all those...

But the only way I can help you is if you take action RIGHT NOW and click the buy button you see below.

More than 23,000 Americans have already got these survival guides and began to truly prepare for the worse and hope for the best:

People like Richard P, from Ohio, who writes to say:

“FINALLY! Someone gets it. Preparation truly made easy for anyone and everyone.
It’s practical; it’s relevant; and finally, it’s actually doable.
Thank you for your extremely well laid out, easy to read, go-at-your-own-pace program.
This program really works and now I really feel prepared.
May God bless you for that!”

Or Michael T, from California, who says:

“I’ve learned  so much from these guides.
A true must-have for those who care about their safety and the safety of their loved ones.
I’ve already got this for all my family members!”.

Or listen to Anna V, from New York, who says:

“It's all I need! Found in this book all the necessary information.
The book is written in a simple and understandable language.
You can read it even if you are a beginner.
It considers all the main dangers and strategies for behavior during them.
I am no longer scared of anything now!”

Such messages keep on coming…

So please, don’t be the one left out.

This is your chance to join all the people who are now prepared, but time is running out.

This is no time for second thoughts and every second matters.

If the current society system will collapse (which, at the rate things are going right now, it’s very likely), you’ll not be able to access this website anymore.

There will be no more internet, no more electricity, no more nothing.

So if you think - “Hey, I can always google all the info I need”, think again.

That will not be an option. so I really urge you to take this opportunity while you still can before this site and all other sites disappear for good.

So make the right decision, make the only decision you can make, both for yourself and your family.

Hit the button below and put the Ultimate Survival Guide Pack to the test, completely risk-free for the full 60 days and never get caught unprepared in face of danger.

Click on the buy button  below and I'll see you in the members area.

God Bless You and God Bless America!


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